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I have always been an artist first and foremost, whether it is on canvas, behind a sewing machine, or on stage. About four or five years ago, I started doing motorcycle seats exclusively.  I take tremendous pride in what I do,  I enjoy it and I have no doubt I have found my calling in life.  I love motorcycles, I love working on and around them and I truly enjoy the people I meet along the way, as well as the overall lifestyle.  Typically my customers appreciate motorcycles as much as I do, and their reactions to my work is my greatest accomplishment.

So, if you are truly ready for a One of a Kind Work of Art,Give Me A Call -Stoney Paul- You're Number One Source For(SHOW STOPPERS )and( JAW DROPPERS )

                                                   Rock On,   Stoney Paul

tHello, My Name is Stoney Paul and I am, Thunderhead Designs. I was born in Lubbock, Texas; I spent most of my younger Days In the Badlands of New Mexico. The same stompiní grounds as Billy The Kid.  I learned to sew at around age fourteen, working for my Grandparents.  They had always owned upholstery shops and the family relationship provided me the opportunity to learn the upholstery trade.  At around age nineteen I moved back to Houston, Texas where I honed my skills to become the tradesman that I am today.  Throughout my 29 years as a third generation upholsterer I have done furniture, automotive, and custom clothing design.
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